I was born and raised at the lake of Zurich. I got to grow up in a village with my parents, my sister, my brother and our four dogs - from the outside it looked like a very nice family life.

My first exhibition took place when I was 14 years old at the Restaurant 'Commercio' in Zurich.

,,when you are in ROMA, do as the Romans do''. (Roma does not stand for the City), This phrase stayed and inspired me my whole life. It helped and continues to help me on many travels. 

Today, I live with my husband in Zurich. Our two kids, already young adults, study in Switzerland as well as abroad.

After finishing high school I had an unquenchable thirst for further knowledge, which I still have to this day. While working in the business sector for years fascinated me I never felt completely fulfilled. Because I wanted to learn new things and especially broaden my horizon of awareness I went on to visit various schools and institutes and get the corresponding diplomas (counsellor in psychological astrology, training in movement, breathing and relaxation, partial training in the Montessori education, Focusing, awareness training, TRE by David Bercelli, Innerwise Coach, Reconnective Healing, 'The Work' by Byron Katie, Seminars by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton).

I entered the field of art as autodidact after a severe car crash, which literally and figuratively threw me off course. After a couple of years I continued my training by attending courses by thw competent painter Renate Moser at her art academy. My work was also enriched by art courses offered by Lascaux - the spirit of colours.

My studios are located in Zurich and at Stroppel in Untersiggenthal