an additional area and field 

For many years, I have been painting in various styles and utilized diverse techniques from pure mere acrylic paint to various mixed techniques. I found and continue to find inspiration in images that appear during meditation, in silence, in nature, while traveling as well as in everyday fleeting moments.

Based on a significant and deep experience I had after acquiring a new studio, paintings of the Eyes, the Pupil and Iris came into being. 

A challenging jump into the pupil. The pupil itself offering us a portal to pure Consciousness.

Corresponding seminars in relation to this are being offered by myself in Switzerland or abroad.


Between 1989 and 1993, I answered the call of creating three-dimensional objects. Working with soapstone was very fascinating to me. Opening myself up to the raw stone, its color and shape and then being guided to form and shape it by its own language, astonished me time after time.


Kissing the morning every morning while feeling grateful to be alive on beautiful Mother Earth.

My book "Kiss the Morning" was published in the year 2001 in Delhi / India by Navyug Art Center after writing down my texts during many early morning hours. 

It was an overwhelming moment in my life to hold my first published book in my hands which was printed and manually clothbound in Delhi (India).

Some of the texts turned out to be long to describe and capture a short moment and fragments of an experience or a perception in order to extend them by the wording and the choice of words.

The pictures for the illustration of the texts were created by the painter DEV. 

Currently I'm working on another book.